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Herbalife's Nutrition Advisory Board, a team of some 80 plus professors and scientists from around the world, handpicked for their knowledge, achievements and expertise in the fields of nutrition and health.

Herbalife is committed to advancing nutrition science.  Together with their in-house staff of scientists and researchers as well as leading universities are constantly researching, investigating and developing new products.  Four clinical studies ( have been completed that shows the effectiveness of Herbalife's products.

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List of Nutritional Advisory Board members

Prof David Heber, MD, PhD, FACP, FACN

World-renowned human nutritional expert and Chairman of the board Prof David Heber, and his team are leading the battle against the global obesity epidemic.

Founding director of the Centre for Human Nutrition at UCLA, Dr Heber has been one of the leading anti-obesity and nutritional experts for over 35 years.

Books by Prof Heber:
What Colour Is Your Diet?
The L.A. Shape Diet

Louis Ignarro, PhD

1998 Noble Laurette* for Medicine Dr Louis Ignarro in 2005 teamed up with the Herbalife family and introduce Niteworks, a cardiovascular product developed based on Dr Ignarro's  breakthrough research in Nitro Oxide.  Since then Herbalife in conjunction with Dr Ignarro  has continued to develop life changing products based on his discoveries.

Books by Dr Ignarro:
No More Heart Disease

*Nobel Prise for Medicine ( Is awarded once a year for outstanding discoveries in the field of life science and medicine. Established in 1895 by Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prise for Medicine have been awarded to 199 men and 10 woman.

Luigi Gratton, MD, MPH

Vice President Medical affairs and education. Manage the day-to-day operations of Herbalife's Medical Affairs and Education Department to make sure independent distributors have a solid understand of Herbalife's products, ingredients and their benefits.

Books by Dr Luigi Gratton:
Keep It Simple: Diet and Exercise

Joaquim Caetano, MD

Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board Member based in Portugal.
Dr Caeatano is a clinical pathology specialist with a focus on sports medicine.  He coordinates a team of doctors that gives medical support to health clubs and gyms.

Currently serves as director of clinical laboratory department in the Principal Military Hospital in Lisbon and holds the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel Doctor in the Portuguese army.

Banu Cayci, MD

Banu Cayci, M.D. research has been focussed on the relationship between obesity, exercise, antioxidants and diseases.

Author of 100 research articles in international journals.  Served as head (2004 - 2008) of the Gazi University Hospital central biochemistry, hormone and emergency department laboratories.

The current president of the Ankara branch of the Turkish Clinical biochemistry Society and often appears on television to talk about various health issues.

Marco DeAngelis, MD

Prof. Marco De Angelis is currently a consultant to the Institute of Medicine and Sport Science for the Italian Olympic Committee and professor at the Human Movement and Exercise Science Faculty of the University of L'Aquila.

An active sportsman, he has served as the head of the scientific department at Technogym, one of the biggest companies in fitness and wellness solutions.

Jorge Dominguez, MD

Jorge Dominguez M.D. has been affiliated with the Miguel Perez Carreno Hospital (early 1970's - 2007) first as chief of the nephrology section and hemodialysis unit.  Later on as chief of nephrology, dialysis and kidney transplant service as well as chief of the hospital's internal medicine department.

Marion Flechtner-Mors, PhD

Marion Flechtner-Mors Ph.D. is currently head of the nutrition research and the  obesity research group at the University of Ulm, Germany.  She specializes in healthy nutrition and the relationship between obesity and associated metabolic disorders.  She has undertaken substantial experimental research focusing on this subject, specifically the alleviation of obesity through energy-restricted diets, low-calorie diets, meal replacements and medication.  In addition, part of her research work includes epidemiology and co-morbidities of obesity in children and adolescents.  Her work is dedicated to developing and evaluating long-term weight-loss programs and preventative strategies for nutrition-related disorders.

Julián Álvarez García, MD, PhD

Julian Álvarez Garcia M.D., PhD. specializes in sports medicine and sports physiology. Over the past 20 years he has advised a number of professional and Olympic sports teams in weightlifting, triathlons, mountain biking, football and basketball.

An active researcher and publisher both at home and internationally, Dr. Álvarez has also contributed to or written books on the physiology of exercise, supplements in sport and the biological aspects of an athlete’s education.  He is a regular contributor to both radio and television broadcasts on health, nutrition and sport.

Dr. Álvarez is a founder member of the Spanish Association of Specialists in Sports and Physical Education Medicine and a member of the Spanish Association of Basketball Doctors.  He also holds memberships to the American and European Colleges of Sports Medicine.

Yubin He, MD

Dr. Yubin He is a professor and the deputy director of cardiopulmonary vascular centre at the General Hospital of Beijing Military Command (B.M.C.). He has been engaged in cardiology work and research for over 25 years with in-depth study of coronary heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart failure and thrombotic disease diagnosis and treatment. He has been published widely in both peer-reviewed and consumer media. 

Shih-Yi Huang, PhD

Shih-Yi Huang, Ph.D. currently is the associate dean of academic affairs and a professor at Taiwan’s Taipei Medical University, School of Nutrition and Health Sciences. He is an expert on metabolism, with a focus on how nutrients can improve mental health. He is also a specialist of vitamins and phytochemicals.

Huang has been published extensively on the usage and effects of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as other areas of nutrition. He also serves as the supervisor of the Taiwan Nutrition Society and Taiwan Society for the Study of Obesity.

Huang received his master’s, Ph.D., and postdoctoral training from University of Rhode Island, Department of Food Science and Nutrition.

Linong Ji, MD

Dr. Linong Ji is the director of the endocrinology department at the People's Hospital of Peking University in China and a co-director of the Peking University Diabetes Center.  He is also the president of the Endocrine and Metabolic Physician Society under the Chinese Physician Association, chief editor of Chinese Journal of Diabetes, vice-president of the Chinese Diabetes Society and a delegate to the International Diabetes Federation Western Pacific Region (IDF-WPR).

Dr. Ji’s studies are focused on clinical work in endocrine and research in molecular genetics of diabetes mellitus and its treatment.

Patricio Kenny, MD

Patricio Kenny, M.D. is a children, adolescents, and young adults gastroenterologist.  During the last 24 years he has served at three top general hospitals in Buenos Aires.  Additionally, he is a faculty member at the Argentine Catholic University, serving as associate professor of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition.

He has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and serves as a reviewer for the Argentine Archives of Pediatrics Journal, and is a former member of the editorial board of the GI Journal.

Dr. Kenny holds several memberships in professional and honorary societies in the U.S., including The Obesity Society, The American Society for Nutrition, The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, and the Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association.

Roman Malkov, MD

Roman Malkov, M.D. specializes in sports medicine, treating patients and conducting research to improve athletes’ performance at the Anokhin Institute of Normal Physiology in Moscow.

He is a contributing editor to Men’s Health, Russia edition and  the author of three nutrition books and is a contributing writer to Men’s Health, Russia.

Books by Dr Roman Malkov:
The Carb Cycling Diet
Reshape Your Body

Rocio Medina, MD

Rocio Medina, M.D., is a professor of nutrition and obesity and, with other professors, designed a series of courses specializing in these areas to help prepare professionals in this field at the University of Monterrey.  She and her colleagues founded the Medical College of Surgeons and Professionals in Obesity and Clinical Nutrition at Nuevo León in 2000, where she served as president from 2009 to 2010.  Additionally, Dr. Medina is a member of the National Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO), since 2004.  Previously, she served as medical coordinator of the Ministry of the Preventive Police Force of Monterrey.  She has also been in private practice since 1994.

Felipe Melgar, MD

Felipe Melgar, M.D., has been providing home and hospice care for the elderly since 1999. He also serves in a similar capacity at Angel Foianini Medical Center since July 2008. His earlier experience includes being a teaching physician of internal medicine at University of Santo Amaro in San Pablo, and various positions as a geriatric physician including medical chief at SPAPS Comprehensive Care of the Elderly.

Melgar has lectured extensively on a variety of issues concerning aging and health issues facing the elderly. He is the founder and editor of the Journal of Internal Medicine of the Cruceña Society.

Anoop Misra, MD

Dr. Anoop Misra is chairman, Fortis CDOC Center of Excellence for Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases and Endocrinology and director, Center of Internal Medicine at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi. He is former professor of medicine and diabetologist at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, where he received his medical degree. Misra has also been on the faculty of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Royal London Medical School in the U.K.

He has been published in more than 200 scientific papers in international journals; is member of several international advisory boards, and has received multiple awards including the highest award for medical science in India, the Dr. B. C. Roy Award, and prestigious national honor, Padma Shree; and has served as the personal physician of two Prime Ministers of India. Misra has steered committees for formulation of consensus guidelines for obesity, metabolic syndrome, diet and exercise for Asian Indians. He has written several editorials and commentaries for several prestigious international journals including “The Lancet.”

Currently, Misra is conducting the largest program for obesity and healthy nutrition for school children in India.

Jose Reinhart, MD

Jose Reinhart, M.D., has been practicing sports medicine for over 40 years. He practices at the Hospital del Valle and Hospital Metropolitano de Quito, in addition to having a private practice.  His expertise combines sports medicine with nutrition, helping athletes to perform their best and to use nutrition for a competitive edge.

Dr. Reinhart earned his medical degree at the Universidad Central del Ecuador and later studied sports medicine in Berlin and at the American College of Sports Medicine. He is one of the authors of “First Seminar of Back-Contact in Physical Education” and is an active member of the Ecuadorian Society of Medical Sports, American College of Sports Medicine and the International Federation of Sports Medicine.

Cecilia Solis-Rosas, MD, FACP

Solis-Rosas has been in private practice for the past 20 years.  In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Solis-Rosas is experienced in managing both public and private health programs. She served as national coordinator for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases for the Ministry of Health where she worked on long term programs to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, and reduce diabetes.

Before joining Herbalife’s NAB, Solis-Rosas worked for Bristol Myers Squibb as government affairs manager, for Shering Plough and Roche as an advisor on Cardio Metabolic area and previously as a clinical research manager for Eli Lilly.

Dr. Solis-Rosas also holds an MBA from Charles III University in Madrid, Spain.

Gary Small, MD

Gary Small, M.D., an expert in brain health and aging. The role of balanced nutrition and an active lifestyle in both healthy aging and brain health has become evident in recent years with studies showing an association of excess abdominal fat and the risk for age-related brain disorders.

Small has authored over 500 scientific works and received numerous awards and honors, including Senior Investigator Award, American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry, and the Weinberg Award for Excellence in Geriatric Psychiatry from the American Psychiatric Association.  Scientific American magazine named him one of the world’s top innovators in science and technology.  Small is professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences, the Parlow-Solomon professor on aging at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, director of the UCLA Center on Aging, and director of the Geriatric Psychiatry Division at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior.

His team developed brain imaging technologies that detect the first signs of brain aging. In addition, Small has studied and developed lifestyle and memory training programs for improving cognition and healthy aging, which are available throughout the U.S. in senior centers, community hospitals, and assisted living facilities.

Books by Dr Gary Small:
The Memory Bible
The Memory Prescription
The Longevity Bible

Nataniel Viuniski, MD

Nataniel Viuniski, M.D. is a paediatrician and nutritional expert whose main areas of interest are weight control and childhood obesity. He is also advisor to the Health and Education Ministry for Childhood Obesity, professor of human nutrition in graduate courses and director of nutrition service for Unimed Hospital, Rio Grande do Sul.

Dr.  Viuniski holds a medical degree from the Escola Médica da Universidade de Passo Fundo (Medical School of Passo Fundo University) in Rio Grande do Sul; a postgraduate degree in paediatrics from Hospital Infantil Conceição de Porto Alegre (Children Hospital Conceição de Porto Alegre); a postgraduate degree in nutrition from ABRAN (Brazilian Association of Nutrition); and a master’s degree in weight control and physical activity from Rio Grande do Sul Federal University.

Books by Dr Viuniski:
Childhood Obesity – A Practical Guide

Jonathan Yarom, MD

Dr. Jonathan Yarom is a sports physician; the medical director at Medix, the center for sports medicine at the Tel Aviv Olympic complex; and was the director of sports medicine in the Wingate Institute as well as a member of the Israel National Olympic committee.

Dr.Yarom treats people active in sports from world champions and Olympic medallists to the amateur athlete and is involved intensively in preventative medicine through physical activity and wellness. He has built five centers for sports medicine in the last 20 years.  Since 1991, Yarom has been the physician in charge for the Israeli Tennis Federation as well as being a member of the board.  He has also served as director of medical services for the Maccabi Tel Aviv Football club (2002-2004), among other positions. From 2000-2009, he was president of the Israel Cycling Federation, and he participates in multiple sports federations, on government committees dealing with sports, and is the chairman of the medical committee of the Israel Paralympics. He has lectured extensively at several universities and has published numerous scientific papers in the field of sports medicine.

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