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Know your body fat %

Which is more important? 

This past week I got a bit of a wakeup call.... and I think it’s only fair that I share this with you.
Firstly, please accept my apologies for not doing my bit to explain and educate you on the differences between body fat % and your ideal weight on the scale.

The fact is we all want to look and feel our very best and the image we see in the mirror or the weight on the scale influence the way we feel about ourselves, but which is more important?  

  • To weigh less on the scale or to look like a million dollars in the mirror?
  • To have the ideal weight or the ideal body fat %?


My guess is that 90% of you reading this have never thought of the difference and might not even know the difference and which is more important.

Who cares if you look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt  and weigh a ton on the scale?  As far as I am concerned you never have to weight yourself again, throw  the scale away and focus on your centimetres only. (Okay I know that is not possible for everyone so try to limit weighing yourself to only once a month or once every  2nd week.)

Ask yourself?

  • Do I want a fitter, healthier, sexier body?
  • Do you want freedom from back pain?
  • Do you want to improve your sports performance?
  • Burn body fat all day long?
  • Be your best possible body shape?
  • Enjoy a healthier, long life?

If YES to any of the above, then you need to know your ideal body fat %. (Just forget about the scale or your BMI or weight on the scale for a couple of minutes, please.)
Right now I want you to shelve any ideas you might have about controlling your weight or any health improvements what so ever and open yourself up for the solutions we are about to share with you.

We at Herbalife want to you to enjoy LONG TERM Success and there is only one way to achieve this, reduce your body fat %

Did you know that your current weight might is not the most relevant measure to help you look and feel better?  The kilograms do matter, but we are not going to focus on the weight on your scale, we are more interested in your body shape in the mirror.

In gyms, playing fields, beaches and bedrooms across the country, our bodies are constantly being measured.  And in the dressing room mirrors and on bathroom scales, we are constantly measuring ourselves.  But let’s set aside those vanity measurements and concentrate on measuring ourselves by a different set of criteria – the body fat %

Important Facts:
The average person has about 30 billion fat cells; each of them is filled with greasy substances called lipids.
When you pump doughnuts, chips and chocolate bars into your system, those fat cells can expand – up to 1,000 times their original size.  But a fat cell can get only so big; once it reaches its physical limit, it starts to behave like a long-running sitcom. It creates spin-offs, leaving you with two or more fat cells for the price of one.  Only problem: fat cells have no return policy.  Once you have a fat cell, you’re stuck with it.

Many of use tend to store fat around our waist (men) or thighs (women) and that’s where the health dangers of excess weight begin.  Abdominal and upper thighs fat doesn’t just sit there and do nothing; it’s active.  It functions like a separate organ, releasing substances that can be harmful to your body.   
For instance, it releases free fatty acids that impair your ability to break down hormone insulin (too much insulin in your system can lead to diabetes). Fat also secretes substances that increase your risk of heart attacks and strokes, as well as the stress hormone cortical.

As little as 2kg of extra fat can be deadly and very bad for your overall health.  Fat bears the blame for many health problems because it resides within striking distance of your heart, liver and other organs – pressing on them, feeding them poisons and messing with their daily function.

Let’s look at the solution:
Before we can move on, I have to explain to you why we achieved enormous success over the last 31 years.  That’s right we have thousands of customers who once, just like you were looking for a solution to their problem. We have helped thousands and we can help you.

In order to obtain the perfect body shape you need to know about these important facts:

  • Did you know that you can become leaner by gaining weight?
  • Did you know that losing weight or becoming thiner the wrong way can actually make you fatter?
  • Did you know that in your quest to weighing less, you could have becoming fatter, even when the scale says that you have not gain or lost one gram?
  • Did you know that you could be in your best physical shape ever, but your scale might indicate that you are heavier?

How is that possible?
When one only considers  the weight reading on a scale this could be very difficult to obtain the results you are looking for.
Let me explain, a man with weight: 100kg’s has body fat % of 25%.  This means he carries 25kg’s of body fat.

Another man with similar weight: 100 kg’s with a body fat % of 12% only carries 12kg’s of fat.  As you can see that weight alone cannot be used to determine how fat you are or even how good you look.  
Both men weigh 100kg’s but their body composition is different.  

We use the body fat % of each Herbalife client to help them achieving their ultimate results.

What about BMI?
Okay, you have all heard of BMI or Body Mass Index.  This index is used by your traditional doctor to determine if you are overweight, underweight, and obese or malnutrition.  
The BMI is a formula that takes into consideration your height and your weight.

The problem with this index it cannot be used as a clear indication for your body composition.  Super Athletes with a body fat % less than 4% are considered obese on the BMI tablets.  This is because they have so much muscle mass and muscle weights more than fat.  

By the same token someone who according to the BMI tablets of ideal body measurements are at their target weight has a body fat % of 25% and is actually fat.

I am sure that you are starting to realise how misleading your weight as the only measurement of your physical health can be.   
Obtaining a health body fat % will make you healthier and looking better than ever before, without thinking about your weight on the scale.


I am sure that you are now ready to know what your body fat % is? 

Click here to download an excel Body Fat % Calculator in Excel.
(It will give you a good indication of your current body fat %)

According to the World Health Organisation, men with a body fat % over 25% and woman with body fat % over 32% are at increased risk to suffer from weight related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.  
The average body fat % for both men and woman has increased world-wide and it is now estimated that more than 70% of all doctors’ visits can be traced back to weight problems.  
That means that more than 70% of people won’t need a doctor if their body fat % was within the ideal range.   
50% of all natural deaths are caused by strokes, heart disease and cancer.  
A staggering 70% of all these deaths can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle with an ideal body fat %. See our previous newsletter, No 1 Killer in SA

I am sure by now you understand that the single most important indicator for your state of health is your body fat %.  By reducing your body fat % you will enhance your look, you will feel better and have more vitality.

More important facts about FAT:
Fat weighs less than lean muscle.  Because of this fat takes up 40% more room or space than lean muscle.  Much the same as 1kg gold vs. 1kg of feathers. It weighs the same, but the volume is far more.
So 1kg fat would make you 40% larger than 1kg of lean muscle.  This is the reason why you can not fit into your clothes, and why you don’t look the same.  
Adding fat to your frame, makes you look bigger

As we age it becomes more and more difficult to control our weight and body composition.  As we grow older our lifestyle change too, we become less active and our resting metabolic rate slows down.  Okay I know you are aware of this and that is maybe the exact reason why you are looking for a solution, but here is something you might not be aware of: the average adult gains  about ½kg of body fat every year after age 25 onwards.  Men grow until age 21 and woman grow until age 18.  If you look back at your waistline during those years you probably were 10 – 20% smaller than what you are today.  This also means that your body fat % was 10 - 20 % less than what it is today.

It’s no wonder that some people in their mid forties end up with 10kg of excess body fat.  To add to the problem incorrect eating habits and lack of exercise results  in most adults beginning to lose health muscle as they age. Their body composition changes and used muscle gets replaced by fat.

Remember we said at the beginning of this analysis you should not use your weight as an indicator to your personal health.  The secret to healthy, safe weight loss is to focus on losing FAT without sacrificing the lean muscle mass.

Warning: Remember this next time you think about going on a quick fix crash diet:
Most people when overweight go on crash diets.  They stop eating for days, using appetite controllers and energy boosters to get them through their days.  
During the period you body uses  muscle to supply the all necessary amino acids to maintain vital body functions such as sight, heart beat and brain functions.  Your body goes into starvation mode and when you do eat anything it gets stored as fat.
After a week of crash dieting they weighed themselves, weighed  lighter on the scale, but all they lost was muscle mass and water.

Here is an example:
A woman weights: 65kg at the start of a diet, her body fat % = 30%. This means that she has 19.5kg of fat.  The woman decides to simply cut the calories she consumes with no exercise.  

She looses weight and now weighs: 60kg.  In the process of simply cutting calories, she has not burnt fat, but has in fact lost water and muscle mass, her body still carries 19,5kg of fat.
In the process of trying to weigh less on the scale the woman has in fact starved her body and lost water plus heavy muscle.  Her body fat % now = 33%.

The woman is now fatter and at more risk health wise, than when she started her diet.
The sad thing is, as everyone who has been on one of those diets before, it only a matter of time before the weight start creeping back and you again weigh 65kg or even more.

Great, we have explained to you why body fat % is more important that what you weight.  By now you understand the dangers of quick fix crash diets, and why losing fat and not muscle will give you long term results.  Looking better in the mirror is more important that weighing less on the bathroom scale.  You can determine your body fat % using the spreadsheet (just send me an email with your request), then decide what your ideal body fat % is.  Decide if you want to be in the Athlete, Lean or Normal range.   

Then let’s get you on to the Herbalife Nutritional Program and reduce the body fat %.

Please note:
Many individuals have such a high body fat % (although they do not realise this).  Their bodies have been operating in starvation mode for such a long time, that for the first 2-3 weeks using Herbalife’s nutritional range they replace the “lost” muscle mass and reduce their body fat, but because they only monitor the scale and not their centimetres they think they are not getting a results.  Some get despondent and some quite.  PLEASE do not make this mistake.

When you get onto Herbalife’s weight Management programs you increase your nutrition.  Your body will try to rectify all the imbalances, replace muscle mass while reducing body fat.  Monitor your centimetres and you will notice you becoming smaller and looking better in the mirror.

Elise van Heerder, Katu (Northern Cape)
Elise started on Herbalife and in her first month only lost 2kg’s.  Understandable she was a bit unhappy, but when I asked her to take her centimetres she realised that she has lost body fat as her total centimetre loss for the first month was 45cm’s around her waist and upper thighs.  
Her 2nd month she lost 6kgs and further 25cm’s about her waist and thighs.
3rd month: 5kg’s and 15cm’s
4th month: 4kg’s and 9cm’s
5th month: 1kg’s and 11 cm’s
6th month: 3 kg’s and 12 cm’s
7th month: 7kg’s and 7cm’s

Total: 28kg’s and 1,5meter (all over her body) in 7 months
Average: 4kg’s per month, but in her first month only 2kg’s and month 5 only 1kg.

If Elise was only looking at the scale she would have quit and gave up on her ideal weight and looking her best.
Bev from Randburg
Lost 29cm’s her first 2 months, but 0kg’s on the scale.
After 3 months on Herbalife she lost 5kg’s and was 44cm’s smaller.
Total weight loss: 9kg’s over 4 months and 3 x dress sizes.
Dirk Jan Hofer, Vanderbijlpark
Dirk gained 12kg’s on Herbalife but shrunk from size 42 >> 34 pants over 4 months.

I am sure you now understand why reducing your Body Fat % should be the only goal?  Please write to me, I want to know if I can help!!

WETHER YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR BODY improves your health, your looks, your athletic performance, or your sex appeal.

A recent study at the University of Ulm in Germany showed using a soy based, protein meal replacement shake (like Formula 1) once a day had a body fat % reduction of 4.7% across 1000 subjects over 1 year.
What is even more surprising is that of the 1000 subjects none of them was considered overweight or obese using the BMI scale, they had an ideal BMI (Body Mass Index).
MRI scans of all 1000 subjects at the start and end of the trail showed the biggest concentration of body fat to be around their organs.
Reducing your body fat % will make your healthier, look better and feel like a million dollars.
Let the professional guide you and take the hassle out of a healthy lifestyle

Do not delay, start on the Core Cellular Nutritional products today and be in your best shape!


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