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Healthy Breakfast (20) PLUS

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The Herbalife Healthy Breakfast Program
(plus minus 20 breakfast meals)

4 x Products

  • 1 x Formula 1 - Healthy meals (meal replacements)
    For healthy breakfast use 1 x daily and enjoy 2 x normal balanced meals.
    Low in calories - 220 - 250 calories per serving
    High nutritional value
    Rich in vitamins and minerals, including anti-oxidants

  • 1 x 50g Thermojetics (Instant Herbal Beverage with Tea Extract)
    Helps you lose centimetres and give you energy
    Increase your metabolism and reduce cravings
    Each serving kilojoules free

  • 1 x Herbal Aloe Concentrate
    Add to the Thermojetics
    Aloe protects and soothes your whole body

    Ideal for individuals who suffers from digestive (constipation) problems
    Enhance weight loss, helps increase energy levels

  • 1 x Fibre & Herb tablets
    Cleanses and detox the small intestine and aids in better absorption of nutrition.
    Optimises digestive health when used in conjunction with Formula 1 - Healthy Meal
    Elimination of waste and toxins




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