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You can lose 4kg in the next 30 days, here is the plan....

Today I want to share with you how to lose weight once and for all the Herbalife way!!

Few facts to remember before we continue:

  1. Herbalife is nutrition (food) low in calories.
  2. The number 1 reason why someone gains weight (body fat) is not because they eat too much, but because they don’t eat enough of the right stuff.
  3. The number 2 reason why someone gains weight is poor digestion.  Lack of enough fibre and rough ingredients.  (Almost all our food is processed and refined)
  4. Cutting calories (taking in less food) also cuts your nutritional intake with regular food.
  • Less nutrition = slow down in resting metabolic rate (metabolism), therefore you start burning less and less calories and start storing more and more.
  • Less nutrition = cravings = over consumption
  • Less nutrition = force survival mode and conversion of amino acids in your muscle to fuel your body
  • Less nutrition = break down in immune system and hormonal imbalance sets in
  • Less nutrition = slow down in all body functions, illness usually the next step.

Why Herbalife?

Herbalife is High in Nutrition, low in calories!

When you get better nutrition daily you improve the resting metabolic rate, control your appetite (no cravings)

Improved body function = improved metabolism = better energy = reduce body fat.

Getting results with Herbalife is as simple as 3-2-1

3 – Take Fibre & Herb tablets 3 x daily

2 – Take 2 x Shake meals daily and 2 x Snack Shakes daily

1 – Enjoy 1 x Normal Clever, Colourful Meal daily

½ - Add ½ hour of activity (no need for exercise) just add daily activity (30 mins) to your schedule.  Anything you do extra will be to your advantage.

0 – Make sure your drink zero calorie drinks. (water, thermo tea and aloe are great replacements for cool drinks, coffee and sodas).

Print this layout:

(If you need a better quality one, email me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I’ll send you an A3 size of you can put on your fridge.)

Losing weight and keeping if off has never been this easy!

For less than R15 per meal you can give your body everything it needs and more – look good – feel great and enjoy life!!

Let’s help you find the perfect plan:

Click here for a complete list of our weight loss programs

(If you not sure which program to choose – no problem - hit reply, we will be glad to help you!!)

Looking for results like these:

Herbalshop Results Jesta

“Due to poor nutritional habits and wrong food choices over many years I were badly out of shape. One year down the road, using Herbalife I lost a life changing 42kgs!”


Herbalshop Results Rayhanna

"I started with Herbalife, in only 2 weeks I shrunk from a size 16 pants to size 12 and lost a total of 12kgs and 68 cm’s. I have my confidence back!”

Herbalshop Results Hester

“I am 65 and a pensioner. in just 1 year  I have lost 26kgs and lots of centimeters all over.  Herbalife make my life easy, I feel fabulous and look a lot better!”

Herbalshop Results Gideon

Gideon lost 7kgs in 28 days. He went from a pants size 44 to 36 and lost 33kgs in 9x months

Come on, short term commitment – long term benefit!!

Lose 4kg in the next 30 days – start now!!

Just image yourself at your best......

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All the best


Marsha & Gideon

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