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It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to the VIP Customer Club, available exclusively from Gideon Basson, Herbalife Independent Distributor.

About VIP Customer Club:

The moment you place your first order me (Gideon Basson) you become a VIP Customer.
As a valued customer I want to offer you the opportunity to use your favourite Herbalife products for less!!! At the same time help you achieve long term goals and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle for many years to come.
With the ever increasing demands on our day-to-day budget, health and lifestyle I want to offer you rewards each time you place an order for your favourite Herbalife products!

Ready to get 25% discount on your Herbalife Products??

Here is how it works:

  • Each time you place an order with me, Gideon Basson (via email, telephone or the web) you will earn Volume Points.
  • Volume Points per order will be calculated and noted on your invoice.
  • Use the attached Volume Point Tracker to keep track of your Volume Points achieved (I will do the same).
  • Accumulate 250 Volume Points within 3 months will immediately qualify for 25% discount on all future purchases.
  • Once 250 volume point mark has been reached the standard Herbalife Sliding Scale price list will be used to calculate any future purchases.
  • Earn bonus points when you refer a friend or a family member to us as a customer and much more

Three simple steps to being a VIP Customer:

  1. With your next order placed with me, you will get a Customer Number and Customer Card
  2. Use this Customer Number as reference each time you place an order with me, Gideon Basson
  3. Start accumulating volume points, get bonus pointsdouble point and even triple points to help you get to the 250 point mark faster.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Offer only valid for order placed with Gideon Basson, Independent Herbalife Distributor.
  2. Offer valid for active customers only. (Distributors are excluded from this offer)
  3. Courier costs apply to all discount orders.

Note: VIP Customer Club is an initiative by Gideon Basson, Independent Herbalife Distributor and available from Gideon Basson ONLY.

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