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Note: Herbalife Products are safe and suitable for use by athletes engaged in competitive sports and do not contain ingredients that may test positive for doping as defined by the International Olympic Committee – Dr David Heber MD Ph. D. , Chairman Scientific and Medical Board, Herbalife International of America INC.

Rugby Coach - Thys Stoltz
(Ex - Stomers and Western Province Professional Rugby Player)

Thys StoltzI am the  Rugby Coach of the Professional Rugby Team at Marseille-Vitrolles  Rugby Club in France. The Club has just moved up from the Federal 2 league to the Federal 1 league in 2007/2008. The FIRST for rugby in this Region.

Marseille is very well known Internationally for their  successful Soccer Team, but rugby has not featured in this region in France yet.
I signed a 3 year contract at the end of Season 2007/2008 to co-ordinate a 3 year project to put Marseille on the map as a rugby region as well and to help the team get to the next level, the PRO 2 level during the 3 year period.
At the start of this season (September 2008) I faced a serious challenge. Most of my players were very overweight and extremely unfit. As a result they had low self confidence in themselves and their abilities. There was a big question mark hanging over the team: “ Will this team be able to stay in the Federal 1? “

I knew that I needed a nutritional product that was healthy, legal to use for sportsmen , that could work FAST  and efficiently!  My players needed either to lose or to gain weight without being fatigued. A product that could help maintain/increase their energy levels and speed up recovery after intensive trainings and rugby matches.

Playing Professional Rugby myself at TOP 14 level, I have tried nearly every legal product on the market. I discovered Herbalife in 2001 while part of the Stormers squad in Cape Town, South-Africa. I had fantastic results on the products and as a family we have been using Herbalife for more than 8 years now. We truly love the Herbalife way of life!

I am very fortunate to have a Club President that supports me 100%, our president being Mr Claud Atcher (Organizer of the Rugby World Cup 2008 in France). Together we decided to start the whole Team on the Herbalife Nutritional Products when pre-season training started this year. Each player received 2 F1 Shakes, 2 Personalised Proteins, 1 Multivitamin, 1 Fibre and a 100gr Thermojetics tea every month. During practice and game days, we used H3O and on the bus on the way to matches, the players snacked on Protein Bars instead of buying snacks along the way. With the help of their Fitness Instructor they are weighed frequently. Their fat percentages are also taken and they are closely monitored.

The results have been startling and very positive as you can see for yourselves. Not only are all of my players in the best physical shape ever, but they have more than enough energy to keep up with their VERY demanding training schedules.
Together the team lost + - 200kg. Some players successfully picked up the weight they needed, while maintaining or even losing fat percentage. We are MORE than satisfied with the products. The results speak for themselves! The results even convinced some of the Technical Staff, Board members and even the President himself to start using the products with very successful results.
Above all expectation, we as a Team qualified for the Jean-Pratt Competition this year! This is the first time in this club’s history that we have reached this level! This means that our promotion is secure and we will compete in the Federal 1 league this coming season. Our goal is to qualify for the PRO 2 level.

The players are confident, positive, fit and healthy!
Thanks to the Herbalife Nutritional Products we have more than reached our goals as a team this season, will start off next season in much better shape and will be competitive in the next level of competition.

Fitness - Elaine Watkins
World Champion - 2009 Miss Fitness

Elaine Watkins

My Herbalife products results are amazing! I had 4 knee operations in 1998 at the age of 18. My specialist said I will never be able to run, do sports or strenuous exercise in gym. I never really had a weight problem, but within 3 weeks on the Herbalife products, I lost 15cm and 6% body fat (down to 17%) I also gained lots of energy and vitality!

I am also able to do any form of exercising in the gym, like kata-boxing, running on the treadmill and weight-training. I even started playing squash. I am passionate about fitness and therefore started studying to become a fitness specialist through FIA (Fitness Institute of Australia)

In July 2009 I started to train for the Miss Model Fitness Bikini competition held by WFF (World Fitness Federation). My very first competition (SA Novice) on 22 August 2009 – I came first place!

I also participated in the North-Gauteng Provincials on 12th September 2009 where I was chosen to participate in the South-African championships on 23rd October – in order to qualify for the World championship in Russia in November 2009.
In the 5 years that I am using Herbalife products, I always knew that Herbalife are the best products on the market. But since I started with this intense training programme, I truly realized that I am giving my body the very best, thus my powerful results – and others are noticing.

Thank you Herbalife!

Cycling - Mathys Basson

Mathys Basson

Dear Gideon,

Just a word of thank you for supplying me with Herbalife products, more specifically the new H3O!

As you are aware there are 2 things in life I love, cycling and no specific order!

I have been taking part in endurance cycling events for approximately 10 years now and up to date battled to find the right product to use as a supplement that not only replenishes my energy levels for the duration of the events but also acts as a recovery drink at the same time, and guess what.......H3O does exactly that!

I have to admit that at first I only used H3O as a recovery drink after events, but found that to upset my system. I then realised after consulting with you that I should actually not use the H3O with other replenishment products, as H3O does all what is needed in the right amounts.

Recently I took part in a 24hour mountain bike even and I have to say that my energy levels were maintained throughout the event, which was very surprising as I expected to suffer from a serious blowout as that was one tough event.  I managed to do a great number of kilometres during the event, I unfortunately had to retire early from the bum just could not take it anymore, he he!!

Before the H3O was introduced in SA, I fell in love with the Formula 1 shake, RoseOx, Thermojetics and NRG.  I used the Formula 1 shake as a supplementation to my diet and also while cycling.
After races and events it sometimes took me 3-4 days to recover, but using Herbalife has cut my recover to less than 1 day.  I also gained 7 kgs in 7 weeks and my energy levels are consistently high.

The H3O Sports drink simply put me over the edge and I enjoy every single event and challenge!

2011 will see our club undertaking a cycle tour from Springs (Gauteng) to Cape Town (Western Cape) in March. (Over 1300 km’s). Our goal is to raise funds for schools for disabled kids. All is on track for us to depart on the 4th of March and reach Cape Town by the 10th of March in time to take part in the 2011 Cape Argus as the final leg of our tour. This will be a challenge to handle more than 1300km on our bicycles in one week, trust me I have stocked up on the H3O for this trip.

I will keep you posted on how the event went and hope I have some more good news regarding this rather unique product!

Thank you for your friendly advice and support! Keep up the good work!



Running - Janos Herceg

Janos HercegDuring the last 3 years I have been regularly running road races. I have completed several marathons.

I completed my first Comrades marathon in 2001. After each event I was tired and sore and it took a couple of days to recover.
After being introduced to the Herbalife products, I noticed a great improvement on my performance, as well as recovery.

After the first month I was able to shave 20 minutes off my marathon time. Within 3 month of using the products I improved my marathon time by an unbelievable 1 hour. I went on to improve my Comrades time by over 2 hours and felt great after the run.
I did not feel as if I had run the Comrades. The next day I went for a 10km run and had no aches or pains. The products are absolutely unbelievable.

I use all the products, but normally use the Nutritional protein drink mix and the NRG tea during events.
I will take a shake an hour before the event and 1/2 a shake every half an hour, together with 1/4 teaspoon of NRG.
Using the new Protein Powder, I found that my speed and recovery improved. The new Joint Support product has definately helped to improve the mobility of my joints.

Rugby - Richard Boliter
Western Province U18 Rugby Player

Richard Boliter
Richard uses the following Herbalife products to enhance his ongoing performance and recovery regime:

Abbreviations: F = Fueling; RF = Re-fueling; R = Repair;
H = Hydration; Rec = Recovery

F1 Sport - Healthy Meal (F / RF / R / Rec)

Personalised Protein Powder (R / Rec)

Protein Bars (F / RF)

RoseOx (Rec)

Multivitamin (R /Rec)

Cell Activator (R / Rec)

H³O & HBL24 Prolong (H)

Liftoff (H / RF)

NRG (H / RF)

Joint Support (R / Rec)

Herbalifeline(R / Rec)

Cycling - Phil Jones

Phil JonesMy name is Phillip Jones, I am 42 years old and a business owner in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I have always been a keen sportsman and was a provincial sailor for many years.

My wife, Cheryl found the Herbalife product range in Feb 2002 when she was looking for a work-from-home business.  I managed in a short time to gain 4kg which was really incredible for me.  The energy results and wellness I enjoyed from taking the products three times daily really impressed me.

Herbalife24 Sports range give my body everything it needs to perform better!

My improved times are as a result of really focusing on the sports nutrition and taking all the products correctly.  I also watch the colour of my diet and drink lots of pure water.  I make sure that my sports nutrition program starts with fuelling before I train or race, and re-fuelling afterwards.  Of course the repair and recovery that goes with any long distance event is essential and the Herbalife products enable me to bounce back quickly after any race or training ride.

I use all the products and have continually improved my race times because of this incredible Sports Nutrition.

The Herbalife products are tasty and convenient which suits my busy lifestyle as a businessman, dad and sportsman.  Thanks Herbalife!!

Cycling - Stephan Herholdt
Bonze medallist - 2004 World Champs

Stephan Herholdt

I had epilepsy and I have a very poor diet, despite the fact that I am a South African Cyclist. I got introduced to Herbalife in 2003 by my couch when I went to the world champs in Czech Republic for supplementation. I used Herbalife just for competition only.

Using the product at 2004 national trails I got 5 gold medals 1st time ever and was also selected for the Paralympics.

I went on and got my first International bronze medal at the world champs and improve my world ranking to No3. And I rode a 2h 52min Argus cycle tour over 100km.

I will always be thankful for Herbalife for helping me with the best nutrition on the planet to help me control my epilepsy and improve my sports performance.

Rugby - Stuart Boliter
U19 Currie Cup Rugby Player - 2011

Stuart Boliter

Rugby is my passion and I am working hard to follow my dream of having a successful rugby career.
I know that looking after my health and nutrition is an important part of achieving my goals, so I am grateful that the Herbalife nutritional products have been part of my life since I was 4 years old.

Sport Achievements at school:
SACS U13A Waterpolo Team 2004 (aged 11)
SACS U13A Waterpolo Team 2005
Western Province Waterpolo 2005 – U13A
SACS U 14A Waterpolo team
Western Province Waterpolo 2006 – U14A
SACS U15A Waterpolo Team
SACS U15A Rugby
SACS U16A Rugby
First IV Rugby in both grade 11 and 12

Body Building - Neil Gorrie
Winner of various International Competitions

Neil Gorrie

I’ve been an athlete all my life, competing in athletics from the beginning of my school career, right up until the end of it.  Playing cricket and rugby at school level and socialising in all other sport activities in my free time.

Wen I started gyming, Herbalife was not yet part of my life.  As a result I bought products on the market, but only for 1 (one) month and discontinued using them.
During this time I developed a Spastic Colon.  Lady Luck intervened and I was introduced to Herbalife at this stage of my life.

Three years down the line and I‘ve never looked back, with fantastic Herbalife results and a “dream-come-true” story to say the least.

I reaaly enjoy my gyming results and non-existing colon problems.

At first I didn’t take the products to gain weight, but to cut fat and stabilize weight for track & field. My energy levels were out of this world and I felt amazing.  All this happening to a sixteen year old.

8 months after starting on Herbalife, I competed in my first Body Building Competition and I’ve become a career Body Builder with the following competition results (the warm-up sessions, pre-competition results are not mentioned).








Under 18

Vaal Triangle Gauteng South


1st Place



Under 21 Heavyweight

South African Championships

4th Place



Under 18

Vaal Triangle Gauteng South


1st Place



Under 21 Heavyweight

South African Championships

3rd Place



Under 21 Heavyweight

Vaal Triangle Gauteng South


1st Place



Under 21 Heavyweight

South African Championships

2nd Place



Under 21 Heavyweight

Vaal Triangle Gauteng South


1st Place



Under 21 Heavyweight

South African Championships

1st Place

I was selected to represent South Africa at The World Junior and Master Body Building & Fitness Championships, held in Portugal in and competed against 33 countries as part of this prestigious event, THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Competing in the Under 21 Heavyweight Division I achieved what I never thought possible.  Before arriving in Portugal, I hoped to achieve at least a position under the Top 20.  To my amazement, I achieved the Seventh Position in the World.
I am now striving and working even harder to become World Junior Champion because now I know my capability.


  • Formula 1 Sport
  • Fibre & Herb tablets
  • Rebuild Strenght
  • Lipobond
  • Thermojetics (Instant Herbal Beverage)
  • NRG
  • Herbal Complex
  • Prolong
  • H3O Pro
  • Aloe Concentrate
  • RoseOx

Body Building - Tyrel Ekermans

Tyrel Ekermans

When started competing I was weighing in at 67Kg's and knew that I had to start picking up more muscle mass as I was going to start entering in the Senior Men’s Classes.

On my off season I would bulk up (Pick up Weight) to 83Kg's-84Kg's then cut (diet) to 74Kg's, this is what I wanted reason being I wanted to be a welter weight 70 - 75Kg's.  My results were not that great due to the lack of muscle mass.

In January I started using HERBAL LIFE nutritional shakes and tablets.  I ate the correct amount of food for my body.  I then bulked up to 90Kg's knowing that when I cut, I would look better than the years before.

I use the following products:

  • Herbalife (F1) Normal & Sports Shake (4 x daily + 4 normal meals)
  • Personalized Protein Powder (F3), add to F1 shakes
  • Rebuild Strenght
  • Multivitamin (F2) tablets
  • Thermojetics
  • Fibre & Herb Tablets
  • Joint Support
  • Thermo Complete
  • RoseOx

As my competition preparation started I began to loose body fat; I started at 90Kg's and 20% body fat.
With my first competition I reached my goal, I weight in lighter that I expected at 71kg's and only 3% body fat and even looked bigger and better than ever before.

I am look forward to the following years to come as I can only get BETTER and BETTER and my next goal is to win the IFBB welter weight class.

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to HERBAL LIFE.


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