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How to use Herbalife to improve Energy & Vitality

Improve your nutrition with Herbalife Core products: Health breakfast 1 2 3

  • Formula 1 – Healthy Meal
    >> Use 1 – 2 x daily

  • Formula 2 - Multivitamin and Fibre & Herb tablets
  • Enjoy 1 or 2 normal meals daily

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Start your day with Herbalife Healthy Breakfast

  • Give your body all the right nutrients
  • Herbalife protein based Formula 1 shake will kick start your metabolism and help maintain your energy levels
  • Add Thermojetics Instant Herbal Beverage and Aloe Concentrate as a substituted to coffee and tea
  • Pack with anti-oxidants and healing properties, you will feel the difference.

For general weight maintenance :: 3 - 1 - 2 ::

3 x Daily:

Take your supplements three times daily to enhance health and give your body the benefits of Cellular Nutrition. Cellular Nutrition is the cornerstone of the Herbalife program. Our Cellular Nutrition® products are scientifically balanced to nourish cells for optimal metabolism, growth, repair and reproduction. This helps ensure the nutrients your body needs daily are absorbed and delivered throughout your body at a cellular level. As a result, customers experience more energy and easier weight control.

1 x Formula 1 Shake Meal

Enjoy one meal replacement shake personalized to the protein needs of your body, plus protein snacks to keep metabolism up and hunger at bay. No need to count calories. Shake are simple, delicious and fun.
Hunger is the #1 reason why most diets fail. The key to success with Herbalife™ is personalizing the protein levels in each program so you feel full and satisfied, not hungry.
The Herbalife program makes protein personalization simple and fun with delicious customized shakes and mouth watering protein snacks.
Formula 1 shakes are loaded with soy protein, the highest quality plant protein available – so you get all the nutrition of a meal with minimum calories.
For customers with higher protein requirements, Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder can be added to shakes to help control hunger throughout the day. It’s a proprietary blend of soy and whey protein that satisfies your hunger and keeps controlling hunger throughout the day.
Try our healthy protein snacks for added protein. They’re satisfying and so delicious, you’ll feel like you’re cheating!

2 Colorful Meals:

Eat two healthy meals, including plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables.

With Herbalife products, you never feel deprived or bored. In addition to the wide variety of shake recipes and snack options, once a day you eat a delicious meal with your favorite foods. Herbalife meals are based around a source of lean protein, such as grilled chicken, with healthy carbs including colorful fruits and vegetables.


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