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How to use Herbalife for Weight loss

There are many ways to lose weight, both natural, synthetic and just plain crazy.Herbalife How to use

Our program of choice is Herbalife and there are several reasons for this, which I will give after explaining to you exactly what we are doing.

Note:  We we do it a little different to the way suggested on the literature provided by the company. Of course the directions on the containers should be followed, as is line with the company’s returns policy, but we are not planning on returning it – EVER.


I mentioned before that I am not good with breakfast and that’s why a Formula 1 shake is perfect for me. My body gets the right nutrients first thing and I feel good. I absolutely LOVE shakes.
>> Use 2 -3 x heaped table spoons F1 to shake

We also add Formula 2 (Multivitamin) complex tablets and Fibre & Herb tablets.

IN addition we also add 1 -2 servings Thermojetics Tea (Instant Herbal Concentrate) - instant energy!


Morning Snack

For a morning snack we enjoy a delicious cup of Herbalife Gourmet Tomato Soup with a bit of herbal salt and paprika.
Or a "snack shake"  (Half the normal serving)
Or half a protein bar

As well as another serving of Thermojetics Tea


At lunch time we enjoy another shake with our tablets.Formula-1-nutrition1 facts
Or Formula 1 - Meal Bar


Afternoon Snack

In the afternoon, when the body tends to need something a little extra, we will have a Thermo complete tablet (Or Thermojetics Tea) and a protein bar and then we are set to conquer the rest of the day.
Or a "snack shake" (Half the normal serving)



At dinner we enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal. It could be anything from spaghetti dishes to roast chicken or Indian curry to homemade hamburgers with chips.

It’s really as simple as that!



  • The Herbalife range includes a number of delicious beverages that are ideal if you don’t like to drink water. To replace your normal tea or coffee, you can give the Thermojetics Tea (Instant Herbal Beverage) a try.  It comes in original, lemon, raspberry and peach. 

  • Herbal Aloe is another delicious drink which soothes the digestive system and easy on the taste buds.

  • If you battle with focus (or the lack thereof), look no further than Nature’s Raw Guarana. My daughter has ADHD and I find that it is great to help the whole family to focus better.

  • If you enjoy exercise, the H3O Pro isotonic drink can be used while you train.

  • Instant Energy Lifts
    Although the protein in the shakes help keep energy levels up, you may need something a little extra if you party all night. Instant Herbal Beverage is a great energy sustainer, but if you need a lift off, look no further than, well… Lift Off!




To lose weight:
You will have 2-3 x heaped tablespoons in fruit juice/water or fruit salad, skim milk or Soya milk.
Replace two meals a day and eat one normal balanced meal – if you are in the habit of over-eating then it’s a good idea to cut back a bit on this one meal.
Total meals: 3


After weight loss you can maintain your weight,

For weight Maintance:

Option 1:
Use 2 x Formula 1 shakes daily and enjoy 1 x Normal meal
Add snack shakes (half a serving) in-between meals


Option 2:
Use 1 x Formula 1 shake and enjoy 2 x Normal meals


Include Formula 3 protein to your shakes to increase your protein in take.


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