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How to use Herbalife to improve Sports performance

Start with the Herbalife Core products and then add targeted products to target your specific needsH3O Pro Man

  • Formula 1 – Healthy Meal
    • Can be used daily as meal replacements or snack shakes.
    • Fuel and Refuel before and after exercise / training

  • Fibre & Herb tablets
    • De-tox and help with absorption – improve digestion

  • Formula 2 – Multivitamin
    • Restore the cell volume and provide the micro-nutrients

Fuel: Ensure you body has fuel in its tank during exercise

Hydrate: Ensure you stay hydrated while

Refuel: Ensure quick recovery and prevent muscle stiffness by refuelling your body after exercise

Repair: Balanced nutrition, without all the calories – consistent energy release throughout the day


The above 4 points are vital for better sports performance! Start today!!


Contact us to help you customise a plan to fit your sport discipline’s goals


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