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Mathys Basson - Weight Gain

Mathys Basson

I have been under weight my whole life and suffered from the common cold at least 3 times a year.
I "fell in love" with the Formula 1 shake, RoseOx, Thermojetics and NRG.  I used the Formula 1 shake as a supplementation to my diet and also while cycling.
After races and events it sometimes took me 3-4 days to recover, but using Herbalife has cut my recover to less than 1 day.  I also gained 7 kgs in 7 weeks and my energy levels are consistently high."

Herbalshop Results Weight Gain

“I have my life back. Have energy en vitality!”

“I was stressed out, exhausted & suffering from migraines! My skin, hair and nails were in a poor state and I was feeling run down.
Using Herbalife Shake, Fibre & Herb, Multivitamin, and the Thermojetics tea, within my first three days on the products, my energy levels completely soared. I have now lost 2 pants sizes, 2kg's and 5% body fat. My skin and hair is in great condition.”



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