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Fibre & Herb tablets

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Fibre & Herb tablets

When on a weight management programme, you may not be consuming enough fibre-rich foods. Fibre and Herb is specially designed to aid safe and effective weight control, by providing an increased amount of dietary fibre, which reduces the amount of time food stays in the body and so assists in the removal of toxins and wastes.

Cleanses and detox the small intestine and aids in better absorption of nutrition. Fibre is known to modulate the passage of food through the body whilst assisting with the elimination of waste and toxins.


  • Research shows that 80% of people do not reach the recommended daily fibre intake of at least 24 grams.
  • A supplement, along with healthy sources of fibre from foods such as fruit, vegetables and wholegrain foods can help you increase your consumption and optimise digestive health.


Container: 180 tablets (30 days)

Usage: 2 x tablets, 3 x daily

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